I’ve always been an expressive kid. Growing up I constantly covered the walls of my room with paint and murals, changing style in order to find new parts of me every single time. Musical theatre and dance surrounded me, and I spent my summers singing away to Sound of Music and Hairspray. Around the age of 12, I discovered a new art known as cinematography. Immediately, my love grew, and I started putting my heart & soul into every film and every project I’ve ever done. I always say “This film is the best one mom! You have to watch it!” striving to make every project I take on better than the last. Since I was a kid, I aimed to be weird, different, unique. And I live by those words constantly as I create new perspectives through my art.

Even as an adult, I am best friends with my inner child. I find that a lot of my inspiration comes from the drive and imagination I had as a kid. When I shoot, I like to think of myself as a ninja. A lot of the times I blend into the crowd, and you won’t even notice me. And if you need me, I’m probably hiding behind a bush or some flowers! I value capturing moments, not poses, and like to film in the most hidden and discreet way possible in order to capture true intimacy and love. My shooting style is minimalistic, I will never try to intrude on your day with excessive amounts of equipment. I believe your wedding day is about YOU, and should be as much about you as possible. Being hidden when I shoot allows me to capture your natural beauty. The you that is raw and authentic, and all the little quirks you have that make your partner fall more deeply in love with you every time they see you. / Based in Honolulu, Hawaii

With this talent, I hope to help others express themselves, and I hope you will allow me to show you the beauty you contain in your soul.


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