Kassandra + Micah

Sophia is such a unique and wonderful talent. On the day of our wedding, she crept in like a mouse that we barely knew she was already hard at work capturing our big day. Throughout the ceremony, she was so discreet that we didn’t even remember seeing her. Her personality was the perfect blend of encouraging and yet allowing of the natural vibe. We feel so lucky to have found her for our wedding. All of the wedding videos we watched to find a videographer (and we watched A LOT), were either boring and cookie-cutter or a huge production that required multiple people in a highly non-discreet manner to pull off. When we watched Sophia’s videos, we fell in love with her style and we absolutely adore the edit that she made for our highlight video. My only regret is that we didn’t hire her to do a longer video. She delivered the video much faster than we thought and it came out beyond our expectations. We watched it together with a glass of wine and it brought tears to our eyes.

Sophia brought a balance of highly professional yet unique and creative filming style. She was discreet and a pleasure to work with before, during and after the wedding. The end product is something that we were really proud to show our friends and family, who were equally impressed. We are excited to one day have something artistic and beautiful to show our kids and grandkids that also really portrays the look and feel of how it actually was to be there that day. Our best decision for a day that goes by in a flash, was to not only rely on fading memories, but to also have the video to watch and relive the day. Thank you Sophia! - KASSANDRA + MICAH