Natalie + Conor

“Sophia is INCREDIBLE! We were floored when we first saw our wedding highlights; crying in the car to be exact, as we relived our wedding day and all of the feelings that came with it. Sophia's work not only captures the exact emotions that we and our friends/family were feeling that day, but also caught so many details and moments that we didn't personally get to witness. My husband and I didn't even notice Sophia most of the day (I do believe this is why everything looks so genuine & candid), and we were so pleasantly surprised when we saw so many beautiful memories in the video that we didn't know she had recorded! Everyone who has seen our video has been amazed at the quality and artfulness of it, and many of them have said it's the best wedding video they have seen.

We almost didn't have videography at our wedding and I am SO so glad that Sophia was there to capture everything for us. She is incredibly talented and doesn't simply record a wedding, her videos are works of art, and you can see her passion for what she does in her work. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a beautiful way to document their wedding day!” - NATALIE + CONOR