Sarah Chang

“I looked all over for someone who was able to capture light, emotion, and feeling in a creative, non-cookie cutter way. I finally found beautiful, magnificent and artistic Sophia on Yelp. Yay for Sophia Roud! She explained to me carefully and with passion exuding from her eyes and every cell in her body that each project is always her best work. She is always saying, "You've gotta check out this last video I's my best and favorite!!" That was the clincher for me....someone who wants the best for my work because she is personally invested herself. Sophia was hired on the spot. She is also humble, and mature beyond her years. Her work is up there and surpasses the top videographers I know because of her artistic nature. Sophia is unwilling to compromise quality for less work.

I feel safe shooting with her and her masterpieces... WOW. WOW. WOW. I don't enjoy watching myself on video even though I do it a lot for work. But WOW. Her finalized video gave me chills, tears in a good way, and is simply truly fantastic. Do not hesitate to hire Sophia and pay her well for her fabulous masterpieces! She is very very well worth it and the good energy she puts into your project (whether it be wedding, business, or commercial) can be felt. Looking forward to doing more work with you Sophia. " - SARAH CHANG